Professional Football Coaching
with Nick Torpey
Professional Football Coaching with Nick Torpey

Personal Training

Football coaching, football skills development and football training for boys, girls and youths aged 5 – 15.

Advanced Training

Just Soccer advanced coaching programme is an invitation only programme open to boys aged 7-13. To be invited onto the courses you will need to be recommended to Nick Torpey by your club or school team manager or be selected by our staff.


Both girls and boys are welcome, and although the emphasis is around football, there are many fun games which appeal to everyone.


Commitment, enthusiasm and dedication are essential qualities for the Advanced Centre Player who wishes to progress to the next level, and players will be expected to demonstrate these qualities on a continual basis.

The training that takes place is carefully planned to suit the young developing bodies. Drills allow maximum contact with the ball with individual progress the main aim rather than results. This is achieved through the use of a variety of coaching styles to meet the needs of every individual and the creating the right environment so learning can take place.


“Dear Nick, I know A has thanked you already but I just wanted to say to you that, you really did make a huge difference to A’s play at the trials. It made her stand out . The chief at the club noticed all the improvements to her game… if now you ever wanted me to suggest your name as a top quality coach that they might want to consider to employ do let me know. M”

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